2/6/16 – Drono 2016 teaser

my next record will be ready in a few months

12/2/15 – ResonanceEXTRA Drone Mix

this mix is an exclusive for ResonanceEXTRA and features new tracks as well as pieces from my back catalogue reworked drone-style


rivulet to gulf (single mix)
shallows (single mix)
lakes (with maja ratkje)
sound (extended mix)
conifers (extended mix)
drone offering
searchparty (instrumental)

11/25/15 – Pattern Studies Radio interview

I was interviewed by He Can Jog for his podcast series, Pattern Studies Radio
I talk about studio practices, microsound, and my upcoming drone album
listen to it here and download it here

11/4/15 – Exchanges music video

I am pleased to announce that the music video for “Exchanges” is released today

directed by Nick FitzPatrick

10/2/15 – Deliver (2015 Version)

8/26/15 – two interviews

two interviews recently conducted with me have gone live
the first is with The Formant and the second with Musicguy247

8/12/15 – Tennis at Salon Sessions

Kyle Tieman-Strauss and I were invited to perform “Tennis” at Salon Sessions:

7/13/15 – WGXC audio

I spent some time at WGXC Acra on Saturday
audio of the show is here as MP3 [83.1 mb]
and my DJ set playlist is below:

7/7/15 – Sun Exchange

I was lucky enough to do a sun-themed AA digital single with he can jog‘s band, the geodes
they remixed “sunlight, fruit trees” and I remixed their track “sun storm” into haroan boru territory
listen below:

5/26/15 – winds mix

this mix is built around the tracks that were most inspiring during the writing of Bahar


derek piotr / sprawl (a capella)
morton feldman / bass clarinet & percussion
jack vees / lines of desire
nat baldwin / weights
haba haba group / sitgol #1
derek piotr / sunlight, fruit trees (bahar for winds version – live)
mystic music / ey ki hezâr âferin, bu nice sultan olur
simha arom / praise song, reed pipe
herbert / veselka’s diner
sainkho namtchylak / dance of eagle
kyle tieman-strauss / minor details
colin stetson / part of me apart from you
derek piotr / there shall be a new earth

5/18/15 – Springs Revealed video

phosphorescent luminescent fluorescent
effervescent iridescent springs
omnipresent incessant incandescent springs
dir. Michael Cumming

5/5/15 – Bahar released

Bahar is released today!!!!!!! enjoy some rambutan and get listening!
BUY: artist shopiTunes (bonus track version)

4/22/15 – Tone Offering

“Tone Offering” is a track from Bahar that is premiering today
over at Subbacultcha (“it leaves us flabbergasted”) as well as on BBC Late Junction

4/17/15 – Bahar preorder

Bahar is available to preorder over at the Bit-Phalanx store:

4/6/15 – Bahar for Winds and Bahar CDs

a few exciting updates!
first I am pleased to say I performed pieces from Bahar for Winds last night
this was part of a larger concert of Kyle Tieman-Strauss‘ work at NYU/Steinhardt
Bahar for winds is a project we will be developing over the next few months. stay tuned…

I am also happy to report that the Bahar CDs have made it to shore!!
bahar cds

3/30/15 – Bahar tracklist and Tennis single

the webpage for Bahar is now live, preorder here


1. Springs Revealed
2. Tone Offering
3. Day Residue
4. Tennis
5. Sunlight, Fruit Trees
6. Sprawl
7. Exchanges
8. Forest Floor
9. There Shall Be A New Earth

Tennis is out today as a single:

3/2/15 – Tennis

pre order here

2/25/15 – Bahar release details

Bahar will be out May 5th US / 4th UK on London-based Bit-Phalanx
for now I am delighted to share the cover artwork, done by Antye Greie-Ripatti

Bahar front web
the first song is called “Tennis” and will be out shortly, stay tuned!!

2/21/15 – Bahar Interview with ATTN:Magazine

I talk my new record, Bahar, with ATTN:Mag in this interview
Bahar is my fifth solo album and will be released in the spring, more info soon…

2/20/15 – Forest Spine (live at DROM)

“Spine” is one of my favourite pieces to play live
it often shifts wildly from one performance to the next
here I include some fragments of new works…

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