10/2/15 – Deliver (2015 Version)

8/26/15 – two interviews

two interviews recently conducted with me have gone live
the first is with The Formant and the second with Musicguy247

8/12/15 – Tennis at Salon Sessions

Kyle Tieman-Strauss and I were invited to perform “Tennis” at Salon Sessions:

7/13/15 – WGXC audio

i spent some time at WGXC Acra on Saturday
audio of the show is here as MP3 [83.1 mb]
and my DJ set playlist is below:

7/7/15 – Sun Exchange

i was lucky enough to do a sun-themed AA digital single with he can jog‘s band, the geodes
they remixed “sunlight, fruit trees” and i remixed their track “sun storm” into haroan boru territory
listen below:

5/26/15 – winds mix

this mix is built around the tracks that were most inspiring during the writing of Bahar


derek piotr / sprawl (a capella)
morton feldman / bass clarinet & percussion
jack vees / lines of desire
nat baldwin / weights
haba haba group / sitgol #1
derek piotr / sunlight, fruit trees (bahar for winds version – live)
mystic music / ey ki hezâr âferin, bu nice sultan olur
simha arom / praise song, reed pipe
herbert / veselka’s diner
sainkho namtchylak / dance of eagle
kyle tieman-strauss / minor details
colin stetson / part of me apart from you
derek piotr / there shall be a new earth

5/18/15 – Springs Revealed video

phosphorescent luminescent fluorescent
effervescent iridescent springs
omnipresent incessant incandescent springs
dir. Michael Cumming

5/5/15 – Bahar released

Bahar is released today!!!!!!! enjoy some rambutan and get listening!
BUY: artist shopiTunes (bonus track version)

4/22/15 – Tone Offering

“Tone Offering” is a track from Bahar that is premiering today
over at Subbacultcha (“it leaves us flabbergasted”) as well as on BBC Late Junction

4/17/15 – Bahar preorder

Bahar is available to preorder over at the Bit-Phalanx store:

4/6/15 – Bahar for winds and Bahar CDs

a few exciting updates!
first I am pleased to say I performed pieces from Bahar for winds last night
this was part of a larger concert of Kyle Tieman-Strauss‘ work at NYU/Steinhardt
Bahar for winds is a project we will be developing over the next few months. stay tuned…

I am also happy to report that the Bahar CDs have made it to shore!!
bahar cds

3/30/15 – Bahar tracklist and Tennis single

the webpage for Bahar is now live, preorder here


1. Springs Revealed
2. Tone Offering
3. Day Residue
4. Tennis
5. Sunlight, Fruit Trees
6. Sprawl
7. Exchanges
8. Forest Floor
9. There Shall Be A New Earth

Tennis is out today as a single:

3/2/15 – Tennis

pre order here

2/25/15 – Bahar release details

Bahar will be out May 5th US / 4th UK on London-based Bit-Phalanx
for now I am delighted to share the cover artwork, done by Antye Greie-Ripatti

Bahar front web
the first song is called “Tennis” and will be out shortly, stay tuned!!

2/21/15 – Bahar Interview with ATTN:Magazine

I talk my new record, Bahar, with ATTN:Mag in this interview
Bahar is my fifth solo album and will be released in the spring, more info soon…

2/20/15 – Forest Spine (live at DROM)

“Spine” is one of my favourite pieces to play live
it often shifts wildly from one performance to the next
here I include some fragments of new works…

1/27/15 – Waves on Holiday

happy to say my voice landed on this lovely track by Evan Dice
from his forthcoming album…some glow through the snow!

12/12/14 – Yogyakarta video

i am pleased to share the third & final Tempatempat video
for “Yogyakarta”, directed by Alex Halstead:

10/20/14 – two new interviews

I talk Raj, Tempatempat & the future in this interview with Critical Masses
also live is this interview with WQAQ Radio
in them I talk a little bit about what’s next:
I have completed another solo record…

9/29/14 – SCI-Arc videos

here are two videos I scored for SCI-Arc projects
both with visuals by Jordan Squires
from 2013 & 2014 (click to watch, embeds disabled)

8/29/14 – Impossible Textures remix split

now here’s a casual collaboration based on a chance encounter:
met impossible textures at a concert 3 weeks ago
decided we had enough in common to make something!

8/19/14 – Conifers video

directed by johann baron lanteigne
watch below:

8/7/14 – Weather Patterns interview

there is a new interview with me up at Silent Media
I discuss my collaboration with countertenor Mikah Meyer, solo albums and poetry
read here

7/14/14 – Zach Thorpe

MIXDESK UPDATE!! i have been working with zach thorpe for 5 years on his debut record
and finally can announce there will be music from him soon!
for now i offer an in – progress view
a noisemix i did for him that will not make the record
just a taste!

Collect (Derek Piotr Mix) DOWNLOAD

6/7/14 – Intersection of Rivers (Live)

6/5/14 – summer mix 14

1. sufi song
2. derek piotr / bhadrakali (lp remix)
3. bill clement / highland fling
4. fennesz / nebenraum
5. blaqstar / handstand
6. talip ozkan / sipsi
7. haba haba group / sitgol #1
8. greie & huber / das gemeinsame
9. sd laika / it’s ritual
10. ethnic minority music of north vietnam / bao zoo 2
11. derek piotr / thicket of light-needles (a capella)
12. richard chartier / interior field
13. ştefan niculescu / sincronie i (for flute, oboe & bassoon)
14. st. vincent / the bed
16. morton feldman / samoa ii
17. alfred schnittke / sanctus

6/3/14 – Mandala

5/22/14 – Tempatempat on Bandcamp

Tempatempat_packshot_front_web5/19/14 – Feature & mix on Forestpunk

there is a new interview/feature on Tempatempat over at Forestpunk
I also contributed an exlusive mix to the feature

mix tracklist:

p susheela / meduva
kumiko shuto / biwa performance
algérie : musiques du sahara / chant de tagerrabt
gendang keteng-keteng / dance of possession by the guru sipaso : gendang peseluken
m.i.a. / karmageddon
mind dynamics / praise hi
derek piotr / thicket of light needles
colleen / humming fields
derek piotr / yogyakarta

5/16/14 – Tempatempat CDs and NYC travel

I arrived home from my travels today to find Tempatempat CDs were delivered!!
please place physical orders via my BUY page
find digital in most digital retailers (itunes amazon etc.)

I was traveling around NYC all week because both Sam Tarakajian and AGF were in town
and was able to spend some amazing time with both of them of them!!

5/10/14 – Weather Patterns

weather patterns spread

Weather Patterns, my collaboration with countertenor Mikah Meyer
and photographer Meire Todão, is out now on Silent Media

4/28/14 – Tempatempat released

Tempatempat is out today!

please have a look at the album page, label page, or buy the record

4/20/14 – Stray Landings review & Bhadrakali mp3

Stray Landings have reviewed Tempatempat here
(“a versatile and gripping album”)
and you can now download an edit of Bhadrakali over at my mp3 page

3/24/14 – Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is sung in Bahasa Indonesian

3/20/14 – Tempatempat reviews

first feedback is arriving on Tempatempat

from Cyclic Defrost (“a consistently intriguing collection”)
ATTN:Magazine (“the beats are fierce”)
Critical Masses (“It’s as transcendental as it gets”)
and Beach Sloth (“his most confident work”)

many thanks to them. and happy Spring!

2/12/14 – Spine live at launchpad

2/8/14 – Rift video, recent interview

“Rift” is another track taken from Tempatempat which was produced using only recordings of my voice the video was directed by Simone Sörgel, and I am really excited by this one!

there is also a recent interview up with Beach Sloth

1/16/14 – Conifers

Conifers is an all vocal drone piece I wrote last year
which quickly became very close to my heart
immediately I felt it had a certain distinguishable character
and have begun using it as an intro file for live situations …
a lot of the music I favor for sleep has a drifting beatless quality
like phil niblock, or kevin drumm / “tannenbaum”
so it is my hope that my listeners engage in repeated listens
to perhaps gain relaxation and clarity! download

1/5/14 – new interview & spot

a new interview is published in Polish in Vault 909 Mag #2, click for PDF
also tonight at 10pm London time there is an exclusive mix on
of tracks, snippets and extras from Tempatempat


1. Terminal (Flute)
2. Conifers
3. Encloses (Rehearsal)
4. Encloses (Steve Roden Remix)
5. Bhadramandala
6. Bhadrakali
7. Conifers
8. Intersection of Rivers
9. Mahakali
10. Mandala (Coda)
11. K4L1
12. Khong Wong Pattern

12/8/13 – Bhadrakali (Edit)

another Tempatempat track
here I sing in bahasa Indonesian
read lyrics & translation PDF

12/6/13 – Tempatempat announced

my fourth solo record, Tempatempat will be out in 2014 via MonotypeRec

Tempatempat is an Indonesian word, chosen for its repetition and meaning
the meaning changes depending on how the word is broken:
Tempa Tempat means “forging place”
Tempat Empat means “fourth place”

the first track to hear, “Intersection of Rivers” can be streamed at XLR8R

another track, “Conifers” is available below,
matched with a minimal looping video of the pine trees across from my house:

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