2/19/17 – Precurs

before i officially [as i see it now] launched my solo career, i did a noise-and-spoken-word project during much of 2009 and released it on vulpiano records feb 19, 2010. one track has always stuck out for me from that project, a duet with Carahanni, “precurs” . i decided to resurrect and do a solo only version of this weird little track in honor of the project turning 7, as well as “remixing” the original photos i took for the artwork of lichen mimicking a circuit board. and happy to say after all this years i can still call vulpiano home.

1/19/17 – Forest People Pop / new interview

i am happy to announce i have a new record, Forest People Pop, due out later this year

for now please find an on-topic interview with Stray Landings, plus gushing intro
(“years of pushing his vocals into groundbreaking new territory”)

there will be much more to share very soon

12/25/16 – mirai no hana bushi : future flower samurai

offering flowers for 2017 & beyond
floral futurism & technofeminism are the answer

this track features a micro edit of rapper savedthehills
expect more from us in the next year
as well as a new album of mine

in these insane dark times
can we all please find beauty and light
as well as the highest clearest path outward
from the deepest layers of our bodies

12/5/16 – Thai Focus Mix for Frequency Asia


banyen rakkayen / lam phloen kaem poen woen
thai acapella song / youtube
rebel musical / sunset at chaophraya
sublime freq / rao rao
surang duriyaphan / khaek mon bang chang, 2nd tempo level
robert millis / blind street singer, thailand
sublime freq / chiwit sao molam
jah wobble / lam tang way (female vocal)
banyen rakkayen / lam phloen saraphat toei
khana sak sinlapin / tonchap klong yao
derek piotr / sunup
lullaby to elephant / youtube
p.m. pocket music / kack toi mor
chimbuck murung / piece for plung orchestra VS kit clayton / live on shortwave radio

9/24/16 – The Shallows Variations

dear listeners, a very special announcement:
i have been working with bernhard günter on relaunching the trente oiseaux label
the first wave of releases for the relaunch includes an EP of remixes we worked on together
based on my Drono track “Shallows”
you can listen to and buy the release here:

9/5/16 – Homelands
Homelands is a piece I worked on with Nick
the audio is a left-over of Drono
please click HD to watch the video!!

8/15/16 – Mix for Frequency Asia

salawat dulang / tanggak (derek piotr edit) VS tent builder bitch stero / buffalo bitch wave
derek piotr / timelapse outro VS steve roden / airforms
onang onang / rahar paluta (haroan boru)
sublime freq / bao zoo 2 VS pita / fvo
derek piotr / tonic intro
baka forest people / venolouma VS agf / humain
orkès gambus al-hidayah / cari hiburan VS steinbrüchel / momentan def rmx
cô năm cần thơ / hỡi trời cao – xàng xế
ten ten / shinano oiwake 信濃追分
music of indonesia / gandrung bulo (bamboo drums) VS richard chartier / interior field
derek piotr / bhadrakali

8/1/16 – Split with Samsara Portal Holistik

dear listeners
I am happy to announce a small release on an Indonesian label
Tandem Tapes approached me to work on a split release with one of their artists
‪I thought it would be a good opportunity to shine light on the star player of Drono, “Wash”‬.

the word ‪’drono’ is Malagasy for wash
so “Wash” is the centerpiece and quasi-title-track to the record‬
‪the version I did for tandem is a bamboo mix‬

lately I am preoccupied with making beats and textures out of bamboo recordings
‪I am really happy to be able to tell this different story of the piece and push it from techno-drone territory into fullon rhythmic hypnosis…‬with some hidden gamelan
hope you enjoy:

7/15/16 – things compilation

things. things. loose things, strange things, forgotten things. uncritical & bandcamp-only release of #voicenoise scraps, remixes, commissions, etc. feat terminal 11, agf, glass owl…

6/20/16 – Zap! Bang! interview

Zap! Bang! Magazine spoke to me about Drono, production process, and my work in general
you can read the interview here

6/10/16 – Drono released

2016-05-27 18_18_01

Drono releases today

BUY: LINEiTunesBleepBoomkat

endless gratitude and wonderment to my collaborators
and especially to all listeners:
thanks for listening my crazy dusty music

5/23/16 – Wash

Wash. wash wash wash
“Drono” = Malagasy for wash
this is the centerpiece track, hypnotic sub, lowercase #voicenoise
listen deep, late at night, good headphones, near sleep
macbook speakers in the forest work too

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