Fieldwork Archive, 2020—

The Devil Knows How, eleventh solo record, 2022

Seven Devils, 2023

Fieldwork Archive mix for NTS, 2023

To Be Released:

Single-artist compilations, 202?

12th solo record, 202?

Completed Works:

Bardcore Blender mix for Resonance FM, 2022

Mix for Heavy Knife Records, 2022

Come, Let Us Sing, compilation, 2022

Dust on the Decks, WFMU residency, 2021-22

NTS Alabama White Sauce Mix with Kobwe, 2022

Lamkin: Versions & Variants Across the Northern Hemisphere compilation, 2022

Ever Since We’ve Known It: More North Carolina Mountain Singing, compilation, 2022

Derek Piotr: Fieldwork Recordings for Public Road, 2022

Ripe Tooth: Hope It Rot, 2022

Last Wisps of the Old Ways: North Carolina Mountain Singing, compilation, 2021

NTS Pickled Corn Mix with Kobwe, 2021

Making and Then Unmaking, tenth solo record, 2021

The Lamkin Reader, 2021

Score for Matty Bovan – HYPERCRAFT, 2021

The Stake” single, 2021

Territorial Gobbing vs Derek Piotr, 2021

Purple Schmear with Territorial Gobbing, 2021

Score for Matty BovanOdyssey, 2021

Invisible Map” single, 2021

Underlying True Yearning remix EP, 2020

Vocal Studies #12 for Econore, 2020

Songcatching “Bolakins”, article for Appalachian History, 2020

Production for Cassie Tarakajian, 2020

Wash II for Hard Return, 2020

towards golden future” for Poverty Electronics, 2020

Remix of “Guts Out” for Travis Johnson, 2020

Two new pieces for Cavern Brew Series, 2020

Mix for Le Kabaret, 2020

Classical Mix #81, 2020

flood deserts poetry book, 2020

Studio Saloon radio residency for 1020 Radio, 2020

Mix for Internet Public Radio, 2020

Remix of “Computer Vomit” for Si Begg, 2020

tion 2020“, 2020

Remix of “Negentropy” for more eaze, 2020

World Session Mix for Le Protocole Radio, 2020

Our Planet“, contribution to ATTN:SPAN compilation, 2020

World Session Mix #2 for Le Protocole Radio, 2020

A/D Sending for Important Drone Records, 2020

Mix for New New World Radio, 2020

Avia, ninth solo record, 2019

Mix for Internet Public Radio, 2019

Live in Denton, release on tape, Cavern Brew, 2019

CODE007 for Co-Dependent Records, 2019

microcaßette, release on tape, Falt, 2019

“Witness” for Vulpiano Records 10-Year Anniversary tape, 2019

Remix of “Read-Thru Colours” for Opiate 20th anniversary, 2019

ML491: mix for Mitamine Lab, 2019

Crucial Listening #42 for ATTN:Magazine, 2019

Edited Arts Correspondence Mix 03, 2019

B E A U T Y radio relaunch for, 2019

The Sign” single, 2019

Remix of “Human Animal” for Earth Is Flat, 2019

Viziradio Mix, 2019

Forest Floor [Tree Climber Version] for Tallest Tree Vol. 1, 2019

Remix of “Mycelium” by Disasterpeace, 2019

Main Body EP, 2019

Blissing Persons MX03, 2019

Avia: The Order of Flora, gallery work, 2019

KXSC radio mix, 2019

JEROME Mixfile #416, 2019

Remix of “In The Shadow of Capital” for Grant Bouvier, 2019

Repeating Bloom EP, 2019

Echo Chamber Episode 10: Podcast interview for Ed Williams, 2019

Second Body” for Noisecave Volume 1 compilation, 2019

Remix of “Obstinato” for Chaircrusher, 2019

Grunt, eighth solo record, 2018

Two Live Performances In New Haven, 2018

Remix of “New Century Meat” for GOCCO, 2018

Remix of “Become Real” for Elsa Hewitt, 2018

AA0018 for FLUF, 2018

Live on Radio 2018 for Humanhood Recordings, 2018

Remix of “Sticky Eyes” for Lavair, 2018

Remix of “What Can I Do (On and On)” for Reuben Walton, 2018

Remixes for Barbara Morgenstern, 2018

Remix of “Fear Of London” for Kelli Ali, 2018

deliver 2018

Earth Edit EP, 2018

Live at Crunch House 2018 for Tandem Tapes, 2018

B E A U T Y radio weekly for, 2017-2018

Remix/Mix of “Lilac Boys” for Tsinder Ash, 2018

Remix of “Dau Ddeg Chwech” for Byrn Paul, 2018

Underlined, remix compilation for LINE, 2018

Production for Michael Rider, 2017-18

Five Voicemails from My Grandmother, 2018

Remix of “Balsamic Remora” for Chaircrusher, 2018

Animation scoring for Google, 2017

“Allotments”: video scoring for Adrianna Gołębiewska, 2017

Gift to Finland for Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE, 2017

power of voice mix, 2017

deliver (2017), 2017

Remix of “i might love you but idk” for SASA, 2017

Passiflora” for Tandem Tapes, 2017

Forest People Pop, seventh solo record, 2017

Tonic/You Move & Light” digital single, 2017

Forest People Plot“, with Don’t DJ, 2017

Precurs” digital single, 2017

be careful (for mark baumer)” feat. vi khi nao, 2017

Thai Focus Mix for Frequency Asia, 2016

DELIVER 2k16, 2016

How We Listen to Nature“, work for radio, 2016

The Shallows Variations with Bernhard Günter, 2016

Homelands, with Nick Fitzpatrick, 2016

Split with Samsara Portal Holistik for Tandem Tapes, 2016

Mix for Frequency Asia, 2016

things, bandcamp-only compilation, 2016

Drono, sixth solo record, 2016

TTMix 003: For Palestine, Tandem Tapes, 2016

Contribution to BRINK Compilation, 2016

Scrapland live mixing for Hannah Bisewski, 2016

Shallows” single, 2016

Production for Sita’s Light, 2015-16

Production for Tsinder Ash, 2015-16

Production for Zach Thorpe, 2009-16

Drone score for Nick Fitzpatrick/SHOWstudio, 2016

Vocals for He Can Jog, 2016

Exclusive 2-hour drone mix for ResonanceEXTRA, 2015

Bahar for winds, live performances with Kyle Tieman-Strauss, 2015

Deliver (2015 Version), 2015

Ice Floe, 2015

Remix of “Incense” for Zach Thorpe, 2015

Tennis” for Salon Sessions with Kyle Tieman-Strauss, 2015

Sun Exchange AA remix single with The Geodes, 2015

Winds Mix 2015

Remix of “Industry Standard” for Kyle Tieman-Strauss, 2015

Bahar, fifth solo record, 2015

here” documentary film scoring for Jamie Almodovar, 2012-15

Tennis” single, 2015

Vocals for Evan Dice, 2015

Remix of “Band” for datewithdeath, 2015

AECOM video scoring, 2014-15

Shadow music for Vi Khi Nao, 2014-15

FLOTSAM radio show, 2014-15

Video scoring for Jordan Squires, 2014

Exclusive mix for Resonance FM, 2014

Remix split with Arp dB, 2014

Summer Mix 2014

Remix for Caliper Music’s Particulates EP, 2014

Tempatempat, fourth solo record, 2014

Mix for Forestpunk, 2014

Remix of “Vuzöolut” for Travis Johnson 2014

Weather Patterns, with Mikah Meyer & Meire Todão, 2011-14

Remix of “10-3-2” for ((S*5)), 2014

A/V self-portraits for livingvoid, 2014

K4L1” on Parallel Stress for Stray Landings, 2014

SolMotion, video scoring for SCI-Arc, 2013

Piotr-Heslin EP, with Paul Heslin, 2013

Mix 0023 for Stray Landings, 2013

FW Mix for Exceptional New Design, 2013

Dust-Hum” for Süden Radio, 2013

Experimedia Summer Mix 2013

Candy Bullets and Moon” cover with Doctor Tuesday, 2013

Raj, third solo record, 2013

Web Performances with Annie Abrahams, 2012-13

Intrusion Point, movement score for Michael Pusey, 2012

Experimedia Mix 2012

Deforesting” for 60×60 East Coast Mix 2012

Remix of “Planet of Owls” for Rad Wolf, 2012

Radio Mantras radio play, various radio stations, 2012
incl. premiere on Mantra Radio, appearance on Resonance FM

Deliver” single, 2012

Guest Artist on WGXC Radio, 2012

Airing, second solo record 2012

Remixes of “Spirits” & “Zenith”, 2012
bonus on Dendrite: Time Immemorial

“Monks & Mantras (Derek Piotr Remix)”, 2012
on Salakapakka Sound System: RE(dis)COVERED

gobs: gods, with Ivan Cheng, 2011

AGORA Regathered, remix album 2011

Focus Remixes EP on Feedback Loop Label, 2011

Behaviour State EP with Salakapakka Sound System, 2011

AGORA, first solo record 2011

Sinners Rise Up EP, 2011

Plaza” , Remix for Mystified, 2010

“Have Fallen (For Who Will Fall)”, on ResonanceFM, 2010
remix of AGFReflections on the Wall

“Barrel Racer”, video score for Torreya Cummings, 2010

DPCKCS EP, with Kevin Smith, 2010