album cover by johann baron lanteigne (high resolution)

released on DPSR 28 September 2018


aside from being a primal utterance
Grunt means “earth” or “ground” in Polish

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1. Voice II
2. DZ
3. Despot
4. XA
5. Violin I
6. Board
7. Callsource
8. Grunt
9. Let
10. Voice I
11. Repeating Bloom
12. Violin II
13. Earth Edit
14. Redirect
15. HVAC
16. Pure
17. Ants
18. Main Body
19. June
20. Koli
21. Redirect (Redirected by Kevin Drumm)


by PopMatters
“equipped with all of the hypnotic powers of its contemporaries”

by Cyclic Defrost
“intricately constructed and frequently jarring”

by XLR8R
“at once brutal and engrossing”

by TinyMixTapes
“a masterful study in corrosive repetition of decaying samples”

by A Closer Listen
“vicious electronics”

by Utility Fog
“complex sonic destruction”

by Vital Weekly
“altogether a short but powerful album”

by Igloo Magazine
“endlessly entertaining and fascinating”


with MuchObliged TV
with Various Small Flames
with Caliper Music
with DecayCast
with CT Scramble


“Grunt”, dir. Johann Baron Lanteigne

“DZ”, dir. Adrianna Gołębiewska