album cover by meire todão (high resolution)

released on Bitsquare 15 May 2012




1. Colossus
2. Islets
3. Nineweek
4. Will Rise (Will Love)
5. Święte Marsz
6. Glass Broadcast
7. Insects
8. Guides
9. Marsz Żal
10. Deliver
11. Clandestine Spread
12. Sixmonth
13. Radimantra
14. Marsz Ducha
15. Vehicle

air. ring.
radio waves and bells: for this project, my second solo record,
I wanted to pay homage to the first composers
of electroacoustic music and their experiments—
finding out where classical instruments and electronics could intersect.
the sonic emphasis here is placed on the bell,
so I played crotales, cymbals and bells of all kinds,
also violin, wineglasses, toy piano and zither,
and created choirs of my own voice
(celebrating conventional musicality)

I imagine this record transmitted as a radio broadcast at midnight,
perhaps from the shores of a remote island…
endless thanks to my listeners, derek piotr 2012


by popmatters
“more abstract than the compositions of Steve Reich…a restless intelligence”

by the needle drop
“the more textured and atonal side of things, but the ‘noise’ his tracks are comprised of never comes off as harsh or unlistenable”

by inyourspeakers
“admirably collapses the silly distinction between percussive and melodic elements…Piotr’s control of rhythm is magic”

by igloo magazine
“genuinely engrosses…the balance between the electronic experimentation and acoustic treatment reach a frequent equilibrium”

“besonde-res augenmerk gilt der menschlichen stimme…klarer kontraste und lässt die form stets den inhalten folge”

by pennyblackmusic
“pairs incomprehensible mumbling with magnificent composing”

by a future in noise
“compelling pieces…highly recommended”

by beach sloth
“a concise effort in a myriad of ways”

by inane bliss
“balance of minimal and maximal aesthetics…Piotr pulls that juxtaposition off very well”

by cuisine
“idiosyncratic works…fundamentally concerned with exploring the limits of the human voice within tightly-wound digital frameworks”

by counterfeit culture
“at the vicious end of the clever-dance music show…something nice and industrial about it.

by lo-fi music
“exposes a nerve at the intersection of electro//acoustic”

by vital weekly
“an odd combination of song structured based composition and more abstract electronics”

by pirtlegimp
“avant-pop…too multi-dimensional to pigeonhole”

by new music odyssey
“one of the most unique records you will hear all year”

music videos

Airing teaser, dir. Pierre-Henri Ramboz

Glass Broadcast, dir. Pierre-Henri Ramboz

Colossus, dir. Jeremy Bailey