album cover by meire todão (high resolution)

released on DPSR 26 February 2013

in Polish, Raj means “paradise”
in Hindi, Raj means “kingdom”


self produced, performed & composed
mastered by antye greie-ripatti

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1. Spine

2. Amendola

3. Grave

4. Karakum

5. Defilada (Clubhook)

6. Hutan

7. Deforester

8. Open

9. Sand Defacing All Surfaces

10. Flow Through Light


by the quietus
“experimental electronic ‘dance’ music is very rarely this simultaneously exciting, unpredictable and enjoyable”

by xlr8r
“explores the more abstract and adventurous side of electronic dance music”

by critical masses
“one of the best things I’m likely to hear all year…the very heart of the electroacoustic genre”

by inyourspeakers
“a success, both as a musical album and as a piece of art…puts our modern definition of experimental to shame”

by hercules moments
“complex, intense construction…thoroughly engaging”

by experimedia
“his vision is distilled and compacted impressively”

by the needle drop
“very spacious…overbearing and mind-numbing”

by bearded gentlemen music
“he is able to create such experimental dissonant distorted sounds and incorporate them into a listenable song…truly groundbreaking”

by igloo mag
“an escape from the norms of exploratory electronics…a definitive paradise”

by inb4track
“heavily processed but otherwise organic approach…an undoubtably complex effort”

by norman records
“soulful and atmospheric…it doesn’t become overwhelmingly dark at any point”

by ear to the noise
“a fun album to listen to. it’s imaginative, and transports you”

by beach sloth
“easily the hardest hitting Derek has ever unleashed”

by violet currents
“full and abrasive, yet finely chiseled”

by hawái
“sumergiéndose en las cavernas sin luz…ruido primario y vocalización inmaculada”

by lisa thatcher
“delightfully complex…a deep and abiding beauty”

by attn:magazine
“the mysterious energy of primitive ritual…beautifully alien throughout”

by vital weekly
“a departure from his older work…a major leap forward”

by pennyblackmusic
“an abundance of undefined beauty”

by natures with no plagues
“an endless dance of contrasts and steep divergences”


grave, dir. ben cannan

sand defacing all surfaces, dir. sam tarakajian

open, dir. jeremy bailey