drono front webalbum cover by meire todão (high resolution)

Drono is my sixth solo record
released on LINE 10 June 2016


Drono is Malagasy for “wash”
see also: Drøno (on wiki)

contact: press@derekpiotr.com


1. Sound
2. Rivulet to Gulf
3. Lakes (with Maja Ratkje)
4. Wash
5. Shallows
6. Absolute Grey (Piotr / Brinkmann)


by Boomkat
a real gem in the Line catalogue, the best release on the label for a while”

by Drowned In Sound
“beautiful…something that perfectly mirrors its apparent inspiration from bodies of water”

by Critical Masses
“Drono causes delicate ripples within the ambient music continuum, fitting in perfectly but disturbing slightly with its superior craftsmanship”

by Norman Records
“super-spliced fragments of samples and voices…richly rewards closer listening”

“Énigmatique et hypnotique à souhait…Derek Piotr signe avec son skeud un des travaux les plus accessibles de Line”

by EtherREAL
“composé de façon méticuleuse avec des éléments d’improvisation”

by Ambientblog.net
Rather than focusing on a single, slowly moving chord…there is a lot of variation to be found”

by デンシノオトⅢ
“evolved as a sound artist / musician…a form of 2010’s specific dense electronic sound

by p*dis

Shallows single
released 25 March 2016 on Scioto Records

1. Shallows (Single Mix)
2. Rivulet to Gulf (Single Mix)


by Stray Landings
“I can think of few producers working today with the same dexterity as Derek Piotr”

by Beach Sloth
“explores the lively side of drone…an all-consuming work”


Teaser, dir. Lyster Periotto