bahar front webalbum cover by antye greie-ripatti (high resolution)
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Bahar is my fifth solo record
released on Bit-Phalanx 5 May 2015


in Persian, Bahar means “spring” (بهار)
in Maltese, Bahar means “sea” (Baħar)



1. Springs Revealed
2. Tone Offering
3. Day Residue
4. Tennis
5. Sunlight, Fruit Trees
6. Sprawl
7. Exchanges
8. Forest Floor
9. There Shall Be A New Earth


by XLR8R
“a beautiful amalgamation of sound design”

by Bleep
“multi-talent…combines elements of electro-acoustic composition with peculiar vocal lines”

by Chain D.L.K.
“the music produced by Piotr is well executed, polished and original”

by Critical Masses
“the music flows through him with purpose and intent, and does so at an effortless clip”

by Beach Sloth
“Piotr’s music discovers rebirth…this is what loveliness sounds like”

by Igloo Mag
“an odd, angular affair with a lot of space”

by Zap! Bang!
“there are few constructs here that have been heard before – and that makes him something of a maverick producer”

by Vital Weekly
“adding confusion to the notion of pop music…all excellent stuff”

by Pennyblackmusic
might be his breakthrough album…10/10

by FYH!
“hipnotyzujący, szamański, pisząc szczerze”

by The Answer Is In The Beat
“curious glitching, sputtering machine music”


with The Formant
with ATTN: Magazine
with Obscure Waves
with Wake the Deaf
with No Nutmeg


Exchanges, dir. Nick FitzPatrick

Springs Revealed, dir. Michael Cumming