Tempatempat500album cover by meire todão (high resolution)

Tempatempat is my fourth solo record
released on Monotype 28 April 2014


Tempatempat is an Indonesian word, chosen for its repetition and meaning
the meaning changes depending on how the word is broken:
Tempa Tempat means “forging place”
Tempat Empat means “fourth place”

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by cyclic defrost
“the looseness of the rhythms perfectly complementing the almost Sufi-esque imagery”

by stray landings
“a beautiful, exciting set of tracks…unexpectedly accessible”

by nowamuzyka.pl
“niezwykle dojrzały, oryginalny i spójny materiał…podróż pełną głębokich przeżyć”

by attn:magazine
“momentum within seamless repetition… a whole, a deliberate and clear agenda”

by critical masses
“as transcendental as it gets…remarkable compositional skill with his own voice”

by caleidoscoop
“zijn meest toegankelijke werk tot nu toe geworden…schitterend subtiele etnotronica”

by ondarock.it
“intimo, fragile eppure perseverante…tra gli ascolti più stranianti che farete quest’anno”

by vital weekly
“his most ‘pop’ like record…I quite enjoy all of this”

by beach sloth
“his most confident work…the songs morph into mantras”

by デンシノオトⅡ

by fyh!
“to album dość eteryczny, wydzielający coś jakby aurę spokoju”

by a day a life

by neat beet
“fascinating and thought-provoking…a complex collection”

by wake the deaf
“remarkably close to what could be labelled pop music”

by deep in the music
“abstract but focused”


1 Bhadrakali
a manifestation of Kali, click for Bhadrakali Wiki
the words to this track were sung in Indonesian. originally I had sung freeform wordless improvisations to get a melody and was only later that I discovered the entire lyric I had sung was legitimate Indonesian with deep meaning. was I possessed by a Sufi ?
I almost don’t believe it myself. see lyrics and translation CLICK for .pdf

2 Mahakali
another manifestation. black Kali, forceful death-Kali. see Mahakali Wiki
this track existed for a while as a shorter version, released as Char on this compilation

3 Mandala
inspired much by Jaipongan style
a tribute to mandala symbols, sacred geometry and nature’s intelligent design
…medicine wheels are mandalas, and often built near the intersection of rivers

4 Rift
every sound on this track is made entirely from my voice
(the loudest bird is the bravest and I am listening…)

5 Terminal
the first piece written for the album July 2012, flute from Zach Thorpe
which I transposed, chopped & screwed

6 Encloses
the second all-vocal track, built entirely from recordings of my voice (sub bass!)
this was the last track written for the record
(you form new enclosures)

7 Thicket of Light-Needles
this track was originally much shorter and straightforward
later I added the repetitive chorus, and built the intro and outro
an element of one of my first tracks, from 2008, is folded into the beat

8 Stay
a drone piece, a palate-cleanser, audible film noir
recycled vocals from Deforester run through tape on the outro…

9 Intersection of Rivers
one of the last tracks written for the record. inspired by this paper
originally the track was too clean I thought, so I added ambient recordings of appliances…
and sent the stems to Paul Heslin, who played them on various systems and distortions
I wove his recordings into the final product. it was a search for depth
Rome is sometimes described as being elevated above the intersection of seven rivers

10 Takataka
the title, in Swahili: “garbage” – in Filipino: “wonder wonder”
an admirable linguistic duality!
a straightforward song sung over a junkyard beat

11 Slow March
the intro and outro to this track features a contribution from Bartholomäus Traubeck
who generously donated unreleased sections of his YEARS project to the track
the piano section in question is taken from a pine tree cross-section
in 2009 I intended to write an album called For The Pines, never finished
I am grateful that I can finally pay homage to them here, and on “Conifers” (below)
…this album is about repetition, the lyric here I think highlights that

12 Conifers
the final all-vocal track
an homage to the pine stand which faces my house,
and an excuse to write a base or intro file for live situations
these are the pines CLICK for .jpg

13 Yogyakarta
a sort-of reprise to Bhadrakali, again sung in Indonesian, CLICK for lyrics .pdf
in both “Yogyakarta” and “Bhadrakali” I repeat the Indonesian word for spirit which is “roh” (or rūḥ)
I did this unknowingly and without research, only later transcribing and translating the gibberish
where I discovered the surprising and deep meaning of my improvisation!!!

14 Encloses (Steve Roden Remix)
Steve Roden graciously remixed “Encloses” into a beautiful monolith
he presented me with a 9-and-a-half minute remix
which I edited down to 7 minutes and included here!

tags: voice, Kali, Islam, Hinduism, repetition, mantras, Bahasa, gamelan, Lou Harrison, Indonesia, glitch, microsound, Steve Roden, Lata Mangeshkar, Sufism, Jaipongan, drone


Rift, dir. Simone Sörgel

Conifers, dir. Johann Baron Lanteigne

Yogyakarta, dir. Alex Halstead