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AGORA has been reviewed:

by the needle drop

“an eerie series of sonic explorations…some are noisy, some are surprisingly accessible

by vital weekly

“like the ancient Agora, the meeting place, Piotr samples together voices from various cultures…altogether a most promising start”

by everythingischemical

“extremely playful…(quite possibly) way ahead of it’s time.”

by violet currents

“the blueprint of AGORA is a beauty: rigid in form, but rife with variation”

by steve roggenbuck

“vocals are cut up and used like any other instrument”

by lisa marie ackerly

“every sound is precise and deliberately placed…will evoke thought from all who hear it”

by pennyblackmusic

“minimal beauty…industrial, yet compositional and melodic”

by beach sloth

“this isn’t some ambient recording; it’s a living, breathing, moving album that refuses to sit still”

by completely fictional

“well-made sound art…makes good use of symbols and leitmotif”

by broken chip

“an album that is wonderfully well crafted…well worth checking it out.”

by a future in noise

“an impressive series of sound collages”


AGORA Regathered has been reviewed:

by the needle drop

“a consistently perplexing remix album”

by xlr8r

“experimentation and otherworldly vocal manipulation…stimulating”

by beach sloth

“a solidly strange remix album”

by caliper music

“such a sense of musical community…impressive gathering of experimental people”

by vital weekly

“original voice matter can be detected…with extra ornaments”


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  1. Meire Todao says:

    aaaw…super amazing!!!!! 🙂

  2. […] His soundcloud page, upcoming performances, reviews of Agora. […]

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